In the test, a candidate associates himself/herself with words given in the test and conveys his/her WORD ASSOCIATION TEST(WAT)SSB Interview Calls. 24 May Check out tips to write good answers in SSB WAT test. Total 60 words will be given in Word Association Test of SSB interview. Read best tips. 14 May In word association test (WAT) candidate will be shown a word for 15 seconds and whatever comes THINGS YOU NEED IN SSB INTERVIEW.

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The Time limit is restricted to 15 Seconds so that candidate is not confused with subsequent thoughts and give his first thought only. Good Leaders lead ln men effectively. Youth alone can built society. Some Examples of WAT: Your are required to complete 60 words, each word will be shown for 15 Seconds and within this 15 Seconds you have to record your thought in answer sheet provided to you. Clean drinking water is essential for public health.

Education helps to remove orthodoxy from society. Get in touch Contact us. Nehru was an ambassador ofpeace. Systematic approach word association test in ssb work easier. Always shows right path to his men. One should not display negative thoughts like cowardice, anxiety, fear etc. A word association test in ssb can be used as a noun, verb, adverb or adjective depending on a candidates convenience.


Is the state of gaining experience.

A regular practice of various words can certainly ensure success. Mutual understanding brings unity in a team.

Gives pride and unity. Do not have mundane and repetitive response and avoid idioms and phrases.

We provide best tips and online tests to aspirants who want to crack competitive exams and SSB interview. Positive responses are preferred, displaying an attitude of optimism, honesty, responsibility, patriotism etc. Sincere efforts leads to victory. Logical ideas are welcomed by all.

Word Association Test (WAT) | Niks Academy

Enter your email address to sign up for our special offers and courses promotions. Is the only solution of problems like Kashmir.

You must take three A4 sheets and mark numbers form on qssociation, on the second and on the last one, you must keep sufficient gap word association test in ssb the lines keep 2 lines for every word.

It is recommended that a candidate attempts a minimum of 55 words. Mother Teres a was a ambassador of charity. Careful preparation keeps errors away.

9 Tips for SSB Word Association Test (WAT)

The test lasts for 15 minutes. Demonetisation in India – Positives and Negatives. Language of love is know by all.


Books Know which one is best book for competitive exam preparation. Subscribe to our Email Newsletter. Taking and giving bribe is moral crime. However a surgeon also uses knife in operation so he will write the scentence in his own way and if one ever got badly injured by knife then one might wright that knife should be carefully used.

Try to answer all the questions in given word association test in ssb. Similarly, no inn should be quoted. Do not turn over the page until you are told to do word association test in ssb. ASI checks the deterioration of historical monuments.

Sir, Very good and valuable tips are given by you people Thanking for whole troop. Short tempered people create more enemies than friends.