Ultrasonic range finder using PIC microcontroller CHAPTER 1 INTRODUCTION Sri Venkateswara Institute Of Science And Information Technology 1 Ultrasonic. This quick & dirty PIC ultrasonic range finder will find a place in numerous projects Using a transistor and a resonator circuit, the ultrasonic transmitter will get. You should notice that the distance value will Calculate The Distance Using The Equation.

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From my experience, the ultrasonic sensor is one of the most popular sensors in the market.

Second we have to sense the echo: Basically, this project is separate into three main parts. However, all the problems we face in many situations are not shared microcojtroller the web or more specifically in the same place we learn about this stuff! The last transistor uses fixed biasing to set the bias point.

Ultrasonic Sensor HC-SR04 With PIC Microcontrollers Tutorial

And if you also find troubles creating this file, you can always refer to the previous tutorial using the link below. This constant of calibration can be find using a series of practical experiments with a ruler scale.

If you use a different transducer you must change the software to generate the correct frequency for the transducer as they only work at their specific operating frequency. With a few cheap components and less than bytes of code, this sensor will work from 30 to cm, around 1 cm accuracy, with underflow and arnge indication.


I’m using it in an application where I need to monitor a liquid level. This priority of this project is to improve the distance measuring technique to be more easier and saving time and give another benefits and soon the conception of this project could be apply to other applications such as distance detector for car reverse or parking sensor and also for robotic range finder. The second io pin should be configured as an input pin which will be hooked to the echo output pin of the ultrasonic sensor.

Round trip echo time. Microcotnroller is done by using the line below. You finded view my profile or follow me via contacts. The minimum distance of this scheme is about 5cm. This gives benefit in saving time and energy during measuring the distance. This would make the PIC Ultrasonic distance meter more accurate in different environments.

So be careful before considering this technique! But you don’t want to do this calculation all at once if using only.

Interfacing HC-SR04 Ultrasonic Sensor with PIC Microcontroller

The 16F88 also has a built in comparator and reference level generator which would save components but this design can be used with any microcontroller that has a capture module. This could further be understood by the timing diagram below. The first reflection should be the strongest and therefore the closest object. A remarkable notice about the fundamental limitations microcontrollr an ultrasonic sensor is the range of operation.

Can’t open include file “xc. The returning waves are observed by the receiver. Microontroller Stamp development kit by mikroElektronika.


This project gives the improvement on reading technique compare by measure the distance manually. An updated version of the firmware will be provided after some serial communication tutorials, So stay tuned!

If enabled Timer1 Overflow Interrupt is generated during rolls over to H. This is quite a satisfactory result!

Interfacing Ultrasonic Sensor HC-SR04 with PIC Microcontroller (PIC16FA)

So I would recommend you to start from the very first tutorial of the PIC series which can be found in link below. Just as if it was reflecting from a distant place.

Which is typically 2 up to cm. The one on the left will be reading nearly 20cm. The best way to go about implementing the distance calculation procedure is to create a dedicated function that handles everything and returns back the measured distance value! PIC 16FA is the heart of this circuit. Would it be a problem? I need the code file please help.

These are quick and very easy to use but do not demonstrate what is going on. If a capture occurs indicated by gCapInt then the DST calculation is performed and the value of variable val is updated. RBIF will be set whenever this interrupt is generated and it should be cleared in software.