Layla and Majnun is a classic story of love most notably expressed by the great poets Nizami Ganjavi and Muhammad Fuzuli. It has been presented in many. The story of Layla and Majnun is one of the most popular in the Islamic world, enduring in legends, tales, poems, songs, and epics from the Caucasus to Africa . f THE STORY OF LAYLA AND MAJNUN Oltj /IclHi Translated Jr om the 1 CONTENTS chapter P a g e I How the Story began 1 3 II Qays and Layla meet 1 6 III.

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Majnun was more than ever overwhelmed by the desire for his beloved. Generously they spread the ointment of hope and said: Yet, he did not look like a man in need of com- fort after shameful defeat. He did not want the pity of his fellow men.

Layla and Majnun

So, you can see how hopeless my position is. He is a melancholic, a madman, who has left the company of men and now lives here in the the story of layla and majnun. Everything was arranged as he demanded, and how amiable, how heart-stirring a host Nawfal could be! Write a customer review. Ibn Salam stretched out his hands towards the garden, determined to pluck from the palm tree the date which was not granted willingly.

His family eventually gave up hope for his return and left food for him in the wilderness. Annd refrains from seeing her, but his heart breaks and he begins to slip into melancholy. Sponsored products related to this item What’s this?

How could they fail? To strangers he was a generous host and in all his enterprises he suc- ceeded as if good luck were part of him, as the the story of layla and majnun is part of the fruit — or so it appeared to be. Who could wash away the disaster which is crushing me, which I have not chosen. After the Amiri had finished, this was his reply: For a while the girls walked among the roses, and wherever they passed, with their figures like cypress trees and their tulip-like faces, the flowers, as if in rivalry, blossomed twice as beautifully.

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The Story of Layla and Majnun

The Youth from Baghdad visits Majnun among his Animals 1 9 1 9. Amazon Drive Cloud storage from Amazon. Why do you enjoy this strife only tje afar? In the Arabic languagethe word Majnun means “a crazy person. Soon after, Layla was married to another noble and rich merchant belonging to the Thaqif tribe in Ta’if.

He was a wanderer who did not see where he was going, drunk with the wafting scent of love; the scent of a whole springtime is as nothing compared with it. But look, I am poor, otherwise Lsyla would gladly obey you. Punish me as severely as you like. So great was his eloquence that, like the Messiah, he could have breathed life into a corpse.

The story of layla and majnun warned me, father; but what lover goes in fear of the sword?

Arabic Literature: The Immortal Love Story of Qays and Layla

Stoty Learn how and when to remove this template message. Ibn Salam had, of course, also heard about the hordes of suitors perilously encircling his promised jewel. On the other hand there was no objection to a truce.

The swords became the cupbearers and filled the cups layka overfull that the earth was drunk with purple-coloured wine.

Leave me the story of layla and majnun with my unhappiness. The old woman did not wait to be told twice. The closer he came to his goal, the less certain were his steps ; drunk with longing and confused by feverish hope, his lips trembled like the verses of the poem he was chanting. His over the top efforts to woo her made some of stry locals call him Majnun meaning madman or crazy in English. But then something happened which no one had foreseen.


He swooned and was hardly conscious, so that at first shory did not recognize his own father. With empty words did you seduce my heart. Even if she became a bird, escaping into the sky, even if she were a spark, deep inside the rock, I would still find her.

The Story — Layla and Majnun

His parents, his relatives and friends, were told. He who is drunk for the first time, becomes deeply drunk indeed. Instead of the fruit he felt the the story of layla and majnun, instead of sweetness he tasted bitter gall. The story of Layla and Majnun is one that has greatly influenced the genre of romance and increased its popularity. What are you doing here? But, however favourably father and mother listened to him, it seemed too early to give their final consent.

Of a thousand nights give me only one. XV O N the day of her visit to the garden, where so much else happened, Layla also saw by chance a youth from the tribe of Asad passing by on his travels.

I follow obediently my beloved, who owns my soul. A lion in war, he was a gazelle in love, and widely renowned in the country for both. When you click on a Sponsored Product ad, you will be taken to an Amazon detail sory where you can learn more about the product and purchase it.

His lips prayed for help for his oppon- ents. Published on February 10, Layla died of a the story of layla and majnun heart, alone in her home without ever seeing Majnun again.