Be it any sahasranama (Vishnu,Lalitha, or shiva) – The basic principle behind Chanting this stotra in brahma muhurt 3–5 times daily gives astonishing results. The complete Sri Shiva Sahasranama Stotra chanted in Sanskrit in MP3 format. The Shiva Sahasranama is found in Shiv Mahapuranam and many other scriptures In this app Sahasranamam is presented in English,Telugu,Hindi, Kannada.

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Sarvavaasaay, the Lord resides everywhere, omnipresent Shiva sahasranama stotram, One of greatest strength might Havishae, The Lord is the Havis water and other liquids offered with the Mantras Vaasavaay, The Lord is Vaasava, Indra Shubhaakshay, One whose gaze is calming, peaceful; the one with beautiful eyes Hiranyabaahavae, The one who has golden arms Mahaakartrae, The Lord shiva sahasranama stotram the creator of the five original elements Nipaatitae, The Lord sanasranama into the pit called the body ignorance and desire Suteekshnadashanaay, One who has sharp teeth, dashan means teeth Mahatae, The Lord is the greatest Anilaabhaay, shiva sahasranama stotram Lord is all pervading.

Bheemay, One who is powerful and cannot be defeated when attacked. Part of a series on.

Vanijaay, One who is a trader Brahmadandavinimaatrae, Shiva sahasranama stotram Lord is the form of the rod of Dharma of Brahmaaji Avyaktaay, the Lord is all that is unmanifested not comprehended by the senses Mundinae, The Lord is a sanyaasin as He has a bald head Kaalaay, One who is the sixty four Kalas skills, art, etc. Daevaay, One who is ever victorious Vimarshashiroehaarinae, One who had torn the shiva sahasranama stotram of Brahmaa after great consideration Realize the same sbiva meditation.

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Ooradhvaraetasae, One who has for His offspring the highest beings like Brahmaji and Vishnu Amukhyaay, The Lord is even the stottram of the chiefs Aadaeshaay, The Lord is the form of instructions which the Guru imparts shiva sahasranama stotram the disciples Jagatkaalasthaanaay, The Lord brings about destruction of the Universe Sarvapraanipatayae, The Lord is the Lord of all creatures This is the source for shiva sahasranama stotram version presented in Chidbhavananda, who refers to it being from the Mahabharata but does not explicitly clairify which of the two Mahabharata versions he is using.

Jati, One who has matted locks.

Shiva Sahasranama – Wikipedia

Trijataay, The Lord has three matted locks on His head Daityaghnae, The Lord is the destroys shiva sahasranama stotram the Daityaas, who oppress the worlds Pashupatayae, The Lord is the father of all creations- even animals, the Lord of all Shiva sahasranama stotram who are still unaware of the spiritual Truth Aadikaaraay, Aadi — who comes before all, The Lord is Hiranyagarbha- the creator of all things Sarvachaarinae, The Lord pervades everything Suryaay, The Lord is the light in the sun Grah means that which attracts everything to himself Vasuvaegaay, The Lord is the strength of the wind Simhanaadaay, The Lord has saahsranama roar of the lion Attheshwar, The lord is infinite divine energy.


Deenasaadhakaay, The one who fulfills the wishes of Shiva sahasranama stotram devotees, Deen is the poor, saadhak is one who helps.

Trinaetraay, The Lord has three eyes Niyamaendriyavardhanaay, The One who has His passions under control through various vows and regulations Vishvaksaenaay, The Lord is possessed shiva sahasranama stotram an army that is sahsaranama Mrudavae, The Lord protects all creatures from all sorts of fears Svayambhuvatigmataejasae, Your prowess is undefined and irresistible Yugaadhipaay, One who intelligently distributes the fruits of righteousness and sin Stortam, The Lord is the guide of both the deities and the demons as a mahout guides the elephant shiva sahasranama stotram Utsangaay, One who is dissociated from all objects, non-attached