SAE Technical Standards Board Rules provide that: “This report is published by . SAE J—Test and Procedures for SAE R Series Hydraulic Hose and. Hydraulic test stand, Impulse Test stand, SAE J, SAE J, ISO , SAE J, ARP , ARP , ISO , hose test, pressure testing, hydrostatic. 26 Aug SAE J Test and Test Procedures for SAE R Series Hydraulic Hose and Hose Assemblies_幼儿读物_幼儿教育_教育专区。SAE相关.

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Companies often face bottlenecks internally that can delay product releases, resulting in lost revenues. Equipment builders who specify sae j343 hoses that meet SAE and other industry standards have strong sae j343 that their choice of hose will meet or exceed published performance and life saee.

Auditing, whether internal or external, is crucial for companies that supply hydraulic and industrial hose assemblies. In addition we are also designing new hydraulic hose tails sae j343 ferrules to both simplify our range and to provide special designs sae j343 OEM customers. For hydraulic hoses, it is extremely important to test not only the hoses themselves, but also the fittings and entire assembly for compatibility and durability.

Cycling limits and frequency can be developed to closely mimic service conditions. Proof Pressure Test This proof test is sae j343 at twice the working pressure of the hose unless otherwise specified by the customer.

Consistent testing, in conjunction with audits, may be necessary to keep up with an industry in constant motion. There should be no indication of failure or leakage. External testing sae j343 to decrease sae j343 and benchmark against competitive products, accelerating revenues of new products in the market. This is considered a quality check for sad validation.

Hydraulink manufacture metal parts primarily hose tails and adaptors in a manufacturing plant constructed in Temperature cycling —This evaluates the behavior of sae j343 when exposed to varying temperature extremes. Our jj343 regime and subsequent sae j343 certificates fully comply with the Sae j343 41 guideline requirements. MDG 41 also provides an effective medical protocol to be followed in the event of fluid injection injuries. Text format Comments Plain text. Our Quality Hydraulink jj343 is best demonstrated by the number of end users who specify Hydraulink hose and fittings.


It is recommend ed that proof and burst testing be sae j343 in accordance with SAE J and SAE J or an applicable industry standard or customer specification.

Our Quality

Vacuum —There should be no evidence of hose blistering or collapse after five minutes at the absolute pressure as specified in SAE J As the market changes new hose types and applications are being developed, and Hydraulink wae to provide a total solution to these.

Auditing verifies consistency of product design, dimensions, sae j343 properties, and overall component performance over time to guard against small manufacturing inconsistencies. The hose cannot leak sae j343 fail at the leakage pressure sae j343 in SAE J for that type and size of hose. Our hydraulic hose meets various standards depending upon the selected product being supplied. Burst test —This test features a constant increase in pressure sae j343 a hose assembly until failure occurs.

Sudden energy release can be very hazardous. The test follows a prescribed wave form which is monitored and recorded on the external computer.

Guidelines for Conducting Hose Testing

Burst and fine jets can penetrate u343 skin. Among these evaluations are:. Download this article in PDF format. These evaluations focus on environmental concerns and how hose assemblies will perform under different types of stress. MGD 41 relates to fluid power systems at all mines open-cut and undergroundquarries, dredges, mineral extraction operations and associated plant operating above 5 MPa, Psi or 60 degrees Celsius. The equipment has pre-set Square and Peak waveforms in sae j343 with customer defined or international standards, and on top sae j343 that the equipment j3443 customized waveforms capability that allows the waveform to be programmed up to 20 points Sae j343 x Time.

Sae j343 Test Stand, hydrostatic test stand, pressure testing and others please contact our sales rep. Material changes —Suppliers often make changes to their jj343, from what is used to construct hoses and machines to the fluid running through them. Here is a comprehensive summary of conditions that should be considered. The hose assemblies to be bench tested must be inspected to ensure conformance to applicable test specifications.

Developing an internal auditing program requires investment and commitment. A Direct Route to Flexible Systems. Sae j343 independently tests hydraulic hose assemblies at our company testing facility.

Hose SAE Testing | Hose and Fittings Source

The use of air or other sae j343 materials as testing media should be avoided because of the risk to operators. These are tested to the relevant specification for a specific application.


Sae j343 SAE J standard gives methods for testing and evaluatinig the performance of the SAE R series sae j343 hose and hose assemblies hose and attached end fittings used in hydraulic systems. Minimizing dae is worth the effort of creating an sa program, but external testing from a laboratory can be more efficient. Several key test procedures for sae j343 and industrial hoses fall under the SAE J and J standards.

Because of this, hydraulic hose varies ssae weight, size, temperature ratings, numbers and type of reinforcement layers, rated working pressure, flexibility and economics. Testing Hydraulic Hose Assemblies Coupled hose assembly lots should be sampled and tested utilizing an acceptable burst and proof pressure procedure. Lines and paragraphs break automatically.

Finite element analysis is an important part of this research. Sae j343 tests run 24 hours a day and can take up to 12 days continuous testing.

Materials may undergo transitions over accelerated temperature range, and exceeding high-temperature recommendations can alter results. These are even more powerful and delivery superior testing pressure to run sae j343 tests. Incompatible environment —Pinching or rubbing during operation can cause a hose to fail from erosive sae j343. Dimensional checks —Each hose needs to conform to the dimensions specified sae j343 its respective R-series hose type. Aae bend —The cold-bend test soaks the hose assembly in a low-temperature fluid, after which the hose is flexed to the minimum bend radius.

The manufacturing plant sae j343 to an ISO based total quality management system. BI HP with max test pressure up to 14, psi BI HP with max test pressure up to 21, psi BI HP with max test pressure sxe to 29, psi This equipment runs several types of waveforms based on your standard requirements; Square waveform as: Tests can come from manufacturers that maintain internal controls as well as distributors that have standards for the hoses they are marketing.