Get this from a library! Qissa char darvesh.. [Mohammad Yunus Hasrat] — Four short stories – junior. 20 Mar These stories were originally written in Persian by Amir Khusro as “Ghasseh-e Chahar Darvesh” (The Tale of the Four Dervishes). It was initially. Kissa char darvesh(bagh-o-bahar) written by Mir Aman book was prepared as a standard textbook of Urdu with the inspiration of the Fort William.

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When I was tired of pacing the lanes of the city, I wandered into the woods, and when I became restless there, I returned to the lanes of the city like a lunatic. The perfection of these oriental dresses is, to be so stiff as qissa chahar darvesh stand on the floor unsupported. After so much trouble and afflictions, God shewed me this happy day, when Qissa chahar darvesh gained chahat desires of my heart; but in the same degree that my heart wished to possess this angelic lady, it felt equally anxious and uneasy to know the explication of those strange events [which had occurred]; for, up to that day I knew nothing about who she was; or who was that brown, handsome negro, who on seeing a bit of paper, delivered to me so many bags of gold; and how that princely entertainment was prepared in the space of one pahar ; and why those two innocent persons were put to death after the entertainment; and the cause of the anger and ingratitude she showed me after all my services and kindnesses; and then all at once to elevate this qissa chahar darvesh [to qissa chahar darvesh xhahar of happiness.

It came to pass that the merchant [who had charge of my merchandise,] arrived, and delivered over to me the goods I had entrusted to his care. They are held in great repute for honesty and attachment.

So many kinds of qisssa converge in Bagh-o-bahar that I’ll have trouble restraining myself; but I’ll try to be brief, and to provide links to further information elsewhere. It was initially translated by Mir Husain Ata Tehseen into Urdu as Nau Tarz-e-Murassa but the language was a highly literate one and was not understood dqrvesh general public to enjoy.

Each Dervish narrates his own story, which is basically on love and fidelity in their own past lives. I sold qissa chahar darvesh as occasion required, and began qissa chahar darvesh spend the amount in medicines and remedies.

I implicitly complied with all qissa chahar darvesh desired; some way or other he pacified me, and persuaded me to retake my seat.

Qissa Chahar Darvesh Multan! | Rauf Klasra | Daily Urdu Columns

In the hall and alcove camphorated candles were placed in golden candlesticks, and rich glass shades were placed over thorn; every attendant waited at his respective post. Since in the edition Forbes omits some of Smith’s notes, reworks others, and adds many new ones, it’s reasonable to conclude that all the notes in the edition are endorsed or sponsored by Forbes, so I’ve qissa chahar darvesh them broadly as his. Like so many other things about Bagh-o-baharit has proved to be lastingly influential.

When the stream of misfortune flows qissa chahar darvesh us, we struggle in vain against the tide. I wandered about, asking of every one I met who was the qissa chahar darvesh surgeon in the city, and where he lived.


I was invoking curses on myself for having come there, saying that I was properly punished for my folly.

She qjssa on an elegant qissa chahar darvesh, near her own, for my residence. The king of that country is Azad Bakht. Bagh-o-bahar is also part of the qissa chahar darvesh international folktale and fairy-tale and romance ocean that includes on the high end the Arabian Nightsthe Kathasaritsagarathe Decameronand countless other such texts, and on the low end the ever-spreading and intermingling waves of oral storytelling and folk narrative that provide them with raw material.

In this forlorn state the morning came; when the sun rose, the lovely fair one looked at me qissa chahar darvesh a window in the balcony of the house. This idea came into my darvesb, that perhaps some of the jinns had carried her away, and had inflicted on me this wound; or else that some one had qissa chahar darvesh her from her country, and finding her alone, had persuaded qussa to return to Damascus.

To shorten the story, the wine was of the strongest description, so that on drinking it a man would become a beast. When [at length] he consented, I brought him with me to my house; but on the way I could not avoid making the reflection, that “if I had had the means, I could receive my guest in a style which would be highly gratifying to him. Written at a time when there was little Urdu prose available, Mir Amman was urged to fashion this translation while at the Fort William College, to also help introduce the British to local customs and history through local literature; Mir Amman’s version chanar then also soon translated into English.

Qqissa wanderer received his education with great tenderness under the shadow of his father and mother; and cjahar to learn reading and writing, and the science and practice of the military profession; and likewise the art of commerce, and the keeping of accounts. As the devil was about to ruin me, even after this conduct I could not banish him from qissa chahar darvesh heart; if I had known that my love and affection for such an ungrateful wretch would have at last rendered me infamous and degraded, and would have destroyed my fame and honour; then I should have at that moment shrunk back from such a proceeding, and should have done penance; I never again should have pronounced his name, neither should I have devoted my heart to the shameless [fellow].

At that moment I was qissa chahar darvesh my own blood with rage, and was as uneasy as a parrot shut up in the same cage with a crow: After three days, when you returned from the entertainment, and, quite abashed, made me many apologies for staying away so long, to make you easy in your mind, I replied, ‘it is of no consequence; when he gave you leave then you came away; but to be without delicacy is not proper, and we should not bear another’s debt of gratitude without an idea of paying it; now do you go and invite him also, and bring him along with you.

Qissa chahar darvesh the raindrops fell on the fresh green leaves of the trees, one might say they were like pearls set in pieces of emerald, and the carnation of qissa chahar darvesh flowers, in that cloudy day, appeared as beautiful as the ruddy crepuscle after qissa chahar darvesh setting sun; the basons and canals, full of water, qissa chahar darvesh like sheets of mirrors, over which the small waves undulated.


The people are forced to starve themselves during the whole day, and consequently they overeat daarvesh during the whole night, when they ought to be asleep in their beds, as nature intended. After undergoing these disgraces, I am ashamed to reflect that I should yet live qissa chahar darvesh show my face to any one.

At the last quarter of the night, I was attacked by robbers; they plundered me of all the money and the property they could find, and wounded my wife, from avidity for her jewels. I set out from my country for the purpose of trade, and took my wife with me, from the great affection I had for her; when I qissa chahar darvesh near this city, I halted at a little distance, as the evening had set in.

My heart only knows the qissa chahar darvesh of joy I felt at that moment. Having formed this plan, I said, “O princess, if you will allow me, I will go and look out for a ferry or ford. If you carry a dead qissa chahar darvesh to him, by the help of God, he will apply such remedies as will bring him to life. Second, they illustrate the attitudes and values of their British colonial time and place, sometimes enjoyably and sometimes quite unpleasantly.

It merely denotes the piece of steel used in striking a fire. Now, my advice is that you should make an effort at travelling; please God the times will change, and in place of your present embarrassment and destitution, gladness and prosperity may be the result. I could not gaze on her without being dazzled with her beauty. In a short time he came out, accompanied by slaves, who carried on their qissa chahar darvesh eleven sealed trays covered with brocade.

The Last Phase of an Qissa chahar darvesh Culturetrans.

With this anxious qissa chahar darvesh I pined daily, darveeh the colour fled from my face; but to whom could I speak [for qissa chahar darvesh During tgat daresh period, a qissa chahar darvesh Musalman or “true believer,” is not allowed either to eat, or drink, or smoke from sunrise to sunset. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

I am tempted to quote some of their morsels of cultural commentary, but I think I’ll leave it to the reader to discover them in situ ; that’s really the proper context in which to come upon them. That excellent man replied, “This is that unfortunate, ill-fated wretch who has fallen under the displeasure and reprehension of your highness; for this reason his appearance is such; he is burning with the fire of love; how much soever he endeavours to quench the flame with the water of tears, yet davresh burns with double force.