25 Sep Indological Books, ‘The Art and Practice of Astral Projection – ‘. OPHIEL xom The Art & Practice “^Astral THE ART AND PRACTICE OF ASTRAL PROJECTION This, a practical Occult book, gives all the theory necessary to. Wed, 26 Sep GMT the art and practice of pdf – art and practice of astral projection art and practice of the occult art and practice of clairvoyance.

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The Art and Practice of Astral Projection

By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. And hardly any at all, as far as the author has been able to find out, after a long search, ophieel with how to enter, and travel thru the Astral plane, in safety, and return to the physical plane, at will.

Trivia About The Art and Pract Now comes the next step. You cannot function on the Inner planes fully until you have made this transfer. Excellent instructions, but you astrall be disciplined. Open Preview See a Problem?

These powers can come only ptojection use and not by talking about them. You are not going to conquer matter by allowing it to hurt you all the time. When you finish these courses and master them and still want more I will be available to give still more advanced work by personal contact.

Pick out a spot to start from and a spot to go to.

The Art And Practice Of Astral Projection Ophiel

The Etheric is the Etheric and the Mental is the Mental but the Astral contains elements of each of these two planes all mixed up which is what makes this plane so fascinating. The word quality comes from the Latin word qualitas which means how-constituted, and the word constituted comes from two Latin words con-stituere; con meanswith and stituere means place.

You are going to pick out a route to follow and stick to that route until you master it.

The Art and Practice of Clairvoyance. The Tao Te Ching. Keep pprojection record of your dreams, writing down as much detail as you possibly can. When this kind of work is done unconsciously the object created is usually called a Thus created casually they quickly disintergate and do not last too long, barely long enough to do their job.


Yuu will become a ware ottnem shorty ly”as you learn to expand your consciousness to the other bodies each in turn. You have an Etheric body which you probably are not too aware of. That is if you want to get the very best results from ophifl work.

Full text of “The Art And Practice Of Astral Projection Ophiel MLBD”

If you want to you can start looking for the Silver Cord that is supposed to bind you to your body. Your work is to bring this critical facility to bear on your inner dream life. And when you enter these planes unconsciously in your dreams, or other ways, there is much confusion due to this lack of one or more of the senses. As I said before 1 am sure that there is a race of people now on earth, and some of them were always on earth, that know this Truth and practice it themselves all the time.

This method requires study and work on the inner side of things which study-knowledge is of great basic value in all occult work and your achievements in this line can be extended to many other branches of the occult as they are all connected together. Which he would still alive and I be able to contact him.

There may be other ways of learning how to handle matter and thus arriving at Illumination but this way will do for most of us until a better way comes along!!! These symbols have reversed uses as for example if you are working for yourself you will use one kind of symbol and if you are working for others you will use another kind of symbol.

Can you see, perhaps dimly, these figures and shapes? We cannot all be Leonardo da Vincis but we can all learn something about Art and we can learn to express it in our own little way, which may turn out to be a lot or a little, but always more than nothing. Therefore to get on with our study I will tell you that we have to turn to Alchemy to get the meaning of the word Soul.


The Art and Practice of Astral Projection by Ophiel

If you will study the knowledge and do the training you will succeed in the degree that you are capable of doing so and, even in the least adaptable, of you that should be considerable.

This turning generates heat and ophisl heat causes expansion the same as physical heat causes expansion. Write down key words and sentences to enable you to recall details later. Amazon Inspire Digital Educational Resources.

It is true that these Occult ‘things are of the new age and, as a rule, it is equally true that only certain kinds of people will practice them during the early part of their presentation before the masses take them up. These sounds will more or less continue in your work, and always be present, but you will cease to pay attention to them in tine. The following information is worth the price of this book alone.

Astral Projection and the Nature of Reality. These four do not exhaust all possible work along these lines.

The Aquarian forces are better than the Piscesan forces which, among other things, stood for prisons, and the world has certainly been in prison for the past years. So much for the Etheric plane. You should see, outlined on the white card, the oblong symbol but in the complementary color which, in this case, is violet.

This carry-over is quite common. I have given you the above section of the exercise called the Cabalistic Cross because later, when you start actual exercising of the Body of Light, you are to use this exercise for that purpose.