StirlingBuilder offers free plans for building hand crafted Stirling engines from and Andy Ross has devoted a significant portion of his time to working on stirling nice kits including plans and materials for making your own Stirling Engines. These are plans for Stirling Engine of all sorts of configurations, some Ross Sterling Engines: This 68 page book by Andy Ross discusses all the details about. 27 Jul The ubiquitous Wikipedia – Stirling engine website presents an overview and . Andy Ross of Columbus, Ohio has been developing small air engines Refer to his book: Making Stirling Engines (Ross Experimental, ).

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Two of them are efficient enough to run from the heat of your hand. I, Model Engineer, Vol. At Ohio University we have a laboratory model of the D Yoke drive engine which is heated electrically in order to accurately determine the heat power input. The gas compressors are then used to drive a gas turbine expander as shown. Notice that the four cylinders are interconnected, so that the expansion space of one cylinder is connected to the compression space of the adjacent cylinder via a series connected heater, regenerator and cooler.

It is operated by a tea-light candle. And all three of them can be built using common hand tools with material available at your local hardware store and hobby shop.

We offer a small collection of free illustrated plans for some unique Stirling engine designs, including the new Paint Can Stirling Engine. Refer also to Stidling Sier’s web-page of Robert Bjwhich includes an animation of Stirling’s original machine.

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Each project includes a parts list, detailed drawings, and illustrated step-by-step assembly instructions. This one easy to build. During the ‘s N V Philips, of Holland, and the Ford Motor Company developed an experimental automotive engine — a four-cylinder swashplate-drive engine as shown in the following photograph: A parabolic collector focuses solar energy on the hot end of a stirling engine.

Making Stirling Engines by Andy Ross –

A History ‘ L A Mair A schematic diagram of this configuration is shown below. Here’s a large, old fashioned hot air engine reproduced from an old book. I’m having my physics students get the book now and try their hand at this fantastic project Andrew Ajdy has produced an interesting website on Stirling Engine Boats in the United Kingdom which he continually updates.

The parts and materials needed for these projects are easily obtained from local hardware stores and model shops, or ordered online. For some time William Beale and I had realized that a yoke drive mechanism where the rocking lever length was made close to the length of the opposite yoke arm would produce a motion with that yoke arm that was nearly linear US Patent 4, The pistons are typically driven by a swashplate, resulting in a pure sinusoidal reciprocating motion having a 90 degree phase difference between the adjacent pistons.

In this treatise Carnot stated that a heat engine can only stirping the ideal maximum efficiency if the heat is transferred isothermally with rss source and sink, and proposed the Carnot cycle as an example of the ideal heat engine cycle. The Machinery of Freedom: A free blueprint of a Stirling Engine from a edition of Popular Science.

More recently Andy Ross came up with the balanced Rocker-V mechanism design. This learning resource is an attempt to develop this process in stages, from the Ideal Isothermal model followed by the Ideal Adiabatic model including sections in which there is no heat transfer through to the complexity of actual heat transfer processes, allowing more practical predictions of actual machine performance, as well as enabling parametric analysis.


We are currently celebrating the th anniversary of Robert Stirling’s original patent and many books and articles have been written about the history and development or reasons for the lack of development of hot air engines.

It’s is intendes as a stationary engine for doing useful work.

Plans for Stirling Engines

In the meantime, there were other ideas I wanted to pursue, such as the rocker hot piston and the magnetic shaft drive. Best wishes to ya! The D Yoke drive Alpha Stirling engine described in his book will be used as the primary case study of this enginrs resource. A horizontal Stirling design and plans in metric dimensions designed by a person named Coolegem.

Your purchase is secure, safe, and confidential. Making Stirling Engines by Andy Ross Imagine a small engine for your bicycle, canoe, or campside generator that is as quiet as a sewing machine. He has published an article on the model Climax locomotive that he built using a small 20cc Rocker-V sngines, and allowed me to maintain a copy of this article ” A Class A Climax Locomotive “.