: Hidden Nature: The Startling Insights of Viktor Schauberger ( ) by Alick Bartholomew and a great selection of. Hidden Nature. The Startling Insights of Viktor Schauberger. Alick Bartholomew; Foreword by David Bellamy. Alick Bartholomew; Foreword by. Hidden nature: the startling insights of Viktor Schauberger. Responsibility: Alick Bartholomew ; foreword by David Bellamy. Imprint: Edinburgh: Floris,

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It was found to be growing a few yards from an electricity supply substation! A material object consists of billions of atoms, thf composed of sub-atomic particles, each of which is a vortex of energy.

Hidden Nature

I’m going to pass it on to Mark, who’s much more willing to tease apart fact and fiction. Different Kinds of Energy 3.

However, Viktor Schauberger demonstrated that its opposite, levity, is tremendously important in Nature. Earlier cultures acknowledged the tremendous power of imma- terial life-energies. According to their function or location these may be female or male in nature. The egg-shape became an important ingredient of his inventions. With the careful monitoring of temperature along the route, bringing in cold water where necessary, he found it was possible to float sdhauberger under conditions regarded as impossible, using signifi- cantly less water, and achieving very high delivery rates.

This book is not yet featured on Listopia. He also castigated scientists for their blinkeredness, their inability to see the connections between things.

Hidden Nature: The Startling Insights of Viktor Schauberger

Schauberger discovered that Nature operates according to very strict laws. Adventures Unlimited Press- Nature – pages. There were canons of architecture, of painting and of musical harmony taught in the medieval mystery schools, and partly revived in the Renaissance. The book is divided into sections dealing with water, trees and energy.

It was from such relationships that the ‘Pythagorean canon of proportions’ was created. Natur this succinct and accessible summary of the facts supporting the theory of natural selection, Jerry A. We do know that without it there would be no life — indeed there would be lit- tle in the way of chemical reaction, for water is the universal cata- lyst.


Viktor had discovered that when water was at its coldest, it had much more energy that enabled it to carry more sediment, gouging out deposits of sand, and concluded that in these conditions it would be HIDDEN NATURE natyre to carry a greater weight of logs.

The most fascinating discussion involved water, and the fact that it is a living entity. Open your mind and read it — i am sure it will challenge your notions of the world.

The Chinese understood in those days that straight lines fostered disruptive behaviour. The principles of vibration and frequency determine the hisden energy forms in our world. The minute, but nevertheless abnormal, rise in the average temperature of the water and the chaoticized flow that resulted, had interfered with the trout’s hovering ability.

Although he was born into a family that cherished unspoilt Nature, Viktor, like most pioneers, was the rebel amongst them. It is truly amazing, read it with an open mind and be prepared to be blown away! I thought that there was too little water and too sharp a drop. His aim was to liberate people from dependence on inefficient and pol- luting centralized energy resources and generation of power.

Experimenting with fertilized eggs, it was found that when hidddn egg was broken others, even in the next room, responded with shock. Keep in mind you will have to uncritically accept the author’s belief system a new-age amalgamation of alchemy, anthroposophy, theosophy, homeopathy and faux – eastern mysticism, among o If sentences such as this: As we survey the world around us today this is precisely what appears to be happening — the quantitative thrust of our technol- ogy and ideology is pressing downwards towards uniformity, to a vibrationless state, which is equivalent to zero energy and quality see Fig.

Hidden Nature | Alick Bartholomew

An understanding of any creative process is impossible without true awareness of subtle energies. If we may imagine that all that can be preserved is what remains, we forget that Nature has her own urge to proceed with evolution.

He criticized mainline science for its arrogance and herd instincts. This relationship proportion of 5: This takes place in the early hours of the morning, when it is coldest, and particularly at full Moon, although the volume of the water is apparently less due to its compression on cooling.


As somebody who was never interested in Science at school, this book comes as a revelation. Opposites working towards balance We tend to think of Nature as being chaotic. Esa Ruoho rated it stsrtling was amazing May 14, In fact they were seething with creativity and inspiration: It offers striking new arguments against GM technologies.

Full text of “Hidden Nature-The Startling Insights of Viktor Schauberger”

It might well apply to the unregulated biotechnology indus- try. The Nature of Water: This is that our whole culture is completely under the thrall of a materialistic worldview or way of seeing; we are caught in the excitement of apparently being free to do anything we want, and by the glamour of possessing lots of riches and distractions.

Finally the snake reached the far bank. Viktor Schauberger excelled as a teacher of the science of Nature. Popular passages Page 15 Resonance is the language of communication and response. It is true of heat and cold. Water — the Source of Life 8. Visualize if you will, what happens in an explosion — matter is torn apart, frag- mented and destroyed.

Meanwhile the Russians pushed in from the East and captured Vienna; a special Soviet investigation team ransacked his apartment, taking schaubergerr vital papers and mod- els, and then blew it up. Father and son had embarked on an ambitious, but ill-conceived, scheme hatched by an Insiights consortium’ which probably had CIA and atomic energy connections, in order to per- suade him to give up the keys to his mysterious research see Chap- ter One of the older foresters then warned him that if the structure were removed the spring would dry up.