Dunmanifestin Limited/Narrativia Limited/Paul Kidby. GURPS, Discworld Roleplaying Game, Pyramid, Warehouse 23, the pyramid logo, and the names of all. Gurps Discworld [Phil Masters, Terry Pratchett, Paul Kidby] on * FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Events on the Discworld have been. ANOTHER CAVEAT: I play games using GURPS, but I don’t run such games. For those who’ve experienced Pratchett’s Discworld books and who play Role.

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Discworld Role-Playing Game (Tabletop Game) – TV Tropes

The lists of advantages, disadvantages, and skills are substantially pared down from the full list in the Basic Setand the selected traits strike a good balance between being comprehensive and being manageable.

These rules jettison a lot of detail for special combat situations, simplify map-based combat into rough sketches, and simplify the attack and defense modifiers to roughly a half page disvworld. The text is easily readable. Things on Discworld get a bit…weird.

Discworld Roleplaying Game Review

But, full disclosure, I love the Discworld novels. I should emphasise, though, that while much of the book discworle not “official Discworld” — as I said, it’s an exercise in taking ideas into new territory, for the sake of gaming, and indeed some of it may be superseded by future novels, if Terry so chooses — this particular idea is doubly unofficial.

Then the tower was attacked by a group of “heroes”; a hulking blond barbarian, an enchantress, and a fairly benevolent werewolf, who had heard rumours and taken him for an evil wizard. Download a Discworld Banner for your web site. These categories are helpful for making the skill list appear less lengthy.


Notify me of follow-up comments by email. The template list is comprehensive; players should be able to find a starting point for any character type that would fit into the Discworld universe. It was created by Steve Jackson Games and first published in at a time when most such systems were story- or genre-specific.

RPG Review – Discworld 2nd Edition (GURPS) – Bell of Lost Souls

Instead of specifying the material, armour mostly is described by weight, with very light armour providing DR 1 and medium armour giving DR 3. Guurps wrote the Discworld series, which spans over 40 books and combines imaginative fantasy, brilliant satire, and hilarious characters that have enthralled readers for decades.

When I created a tough, swashbuckling renegade cop for Port Duck, I could have made him clumsy and inept, but that would hardly have been plausible from the plot point of view, so I made sure that he was every bit as gursp and agile as he needed to be.

In addition, this group may need more support for building a campaign than is provided in chapter And if you encounter copies of this article elsewhere on the web, please report it to webmaster sjgames.

Many of its expansions have also won awards. The truth is that the group is discwoorld by-product of wizardly eccentricity.

Book:GURPS Discworld

And that I should also explain what the book is, and why I like it. Events on the Discworld have been chronicled in the best-selling works of Terry Pratchett. The only criticism of the Discworld story-focused chapters is that discdorld writing is more descriptive than hook-based.


It drips from every chapter. The weapons lists cover the standard options represented in Discworld: GURPS as a system is not without its problems. But, the overall tone will quickly immerse fans in the Discworld storyline, making it worthwhile to learn the GURPS-specific rules.

Sean Punch pages. Read reviews of the book. Recognised Divinityan unofficial advantage that didn’t quite make it into the book.

For this group, Discworld Roleplaying Game is an excellent product. It rests on the back of four giant elephants, who in turn stand on the back of great A’Tuin, girps only turtle to form the basis of an entire branch of astrophysics.

This could become the basis for a running joke, or a particularly warped murder mystery. The basic premise is that there is a master Magic skill along with eight Magical Forms skills that cover types of magic, such as Divination for getting information magically and Physiomancy for manipulating living things.

Visit settings like the most dubious city in the multiverse, Ankh-Morpork. Like chapter 6, this chapter treads familiar ground for Discworld readers.