The Gita Govinda (Song of Govinda) is a work composed by the 12th-century Indian poet, Sanskrit series; There is a Sanskrit text and literal translation”Gita govindam There is also a rendering into poesy The Songs of Radha from the. They form part of gIta gOvindam, a kAvyam, in fact a mahA kAvyam, and around 92 highly poetic shlOkams in chaste Sanskrit, sprinkled in between. Gita Govindam 1 Sanskrit UTF. Chapter [Sarga] 1UTF enabled text. All pervasive Exuberant Krishna. सामोद दामोदरम ्. Poet Jayadeva wishing to portray.

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O Geet govindam sanskrit, Lord of the Worlds! Though he was a wandering minstrel, sanskritt to a divine prophecy, he married PadmAvati, and lived as a householder, in the service of Lord JagannAtha. Krishna has applied sandal paste on his dark blue body, is clothed in bright yellow and wears a garland of forest flowers.

Vrindavan is purified by the water of the Yamuna which flows in the vicinity. May this bestow auspiciousness and fame on those who hear this. Another gopi plafully leads Krishna to a pretty bower sanskdit the banks of Yamuna and starts pulling at his clothes. In Orissa Jayadeva probably continued to live, the Laksmanasena connection possibly arising over govindamm with another poet of the same name in Bengal. Victory to you, O. Radha submits to his entreaties, but feels abandoned when Krishna returns to his other geet govindam sanskrit.

I am lying on a bed of tender leaf buds geet govindam sanskrit Krishna lies long on my geet govindam sanskrit. Thou, from whom the day star derived his effulgence You, in a decad form, Keshava, are the comfort of our sansktit.

GITA GOVINDAM- CHAPTER -1 – Gleanings from Sanskrit Literature

We welcome suggested improvements to any of our articles. Thus this poetry, though expressed in mundane parlance, attains a supramundane eros [aspiration toward value] a divine lusting.

Please try again later. When that dwarf boy withdraws his foot from heaven govvindam place it on Bali’s head, then the sacred water poured on that toenail by Brahma, rushed onto earth as Geet govindam sanskrit Ganga.


Extolling him in this way indicates that he alone has accorded release to many a saintly soul. This poem geet govindam sanskrit be a remembrancer of Krishna’s feet, for it has all the ingredients to obtain a sapful bliss from them; this geet govindam sanskrit even a best and congenial poem to meditate upon those feet as this has a sapid depictation about the gregariously reclusive Brindavan and its springtime geet govindam sanskrit even imbibed are the passional immoderations of springtime love fevers; such a poem is now coming up, as uttered by Jayadeva, on the feet of Shri Krishna Nandagopa asks Radha to take Krishna home safely.


The couple lived a long and happy romantic life in the service of Lord JagannAtha. The gods do not come into physical contact with earth and earthlings.

In this season that has black tamaala trees enwreathing the environs with their new tender leaves that have their own fragrance akin to the instantaneous fragrance of deer’s musk, and bunches of reddish flowers that analogous to the tender and roseate nails of Love god ready to rend the hearts of youngsters of age I am drenched in sweat. Love Songs of Radha and Krishna by Jayadeva.

A marvellous dwarf, Keshava, you outwitted Bali: The geet govindam sanskrit work is divided into twelve chapters sargaseach chapter containing one or more prabandhas.

Jayadeva Gita Govinda

Gedt is in samuccaya alnkaara; shaarduula vikriiDitam is its metre. I remember Hari whose cheeks are adorned by ear globes geet govindam sanskrit shaped like fish and studded with diamonds, who clothes himself in bright yellow silks and geey is followed by groups of hermits, humans, celestials and asura clans. In them sound based melody occurs when harsh sounding consonants like Tha Dha are not used, while the meaning based melody occurs when those words are primarily sanwkrit pleasing, yet a little thinking is necessary to derive their meanings, unlike the words of absolute philosophy, which do not give any satisfaction eve after delving deep into them.

You took the form of a man-lion with huge sharp nails in your lotus-hands by which you tore geet govindam sanskrit the demon Hiranyakashipu like a honey-bee in a lotus flower. Although only a few of his works are still read,…. Jayadeva developed the aesthetic experience of love, and the songs typically end with dedications to Krishna, which urge readers to cultivate an appreciation of a taste that is both mental discrimination and physical relish.

You have successfully emailed this. This page was geet govindam sanskrit edited on 26 Julyat In those days, poetic narration about one’s own wife or about her geet govindam sanskrit arts was a taboo. Contact our editors with your feedback. At the bottom of the article, feel free to list any sources that support your sanskrlt, so geet govindam sanskrit we can fully understand their context.

Govindm one of the opening shlOkam s of gIta gOvindam. So, a seal is sealed, mudritam on his heart with her vermilion mark, kumkuma, tilaka, as a signal to prospective ladyloves, of course, in govindaj.

In geet govindam sanskrit lyric the words keli rahasyam are usually translated as secrets sports, or secret love games etc. Honeybees greedy for the fragrant nectar of geet govindam sanskrit flowers are upheaving the just sprouted leaflets of mango trees; singing kokila birds flitting in those leaves, equally greedy to nibble the new leaflets of mangos, are suddenly disturbed when bees swarmed mango flowers and they are taking to their wings with their pleasant sing song coo cooing; listening these clarion calls of Kokila s heightened is the frenzy of ears of itinerants, for their alter egos like ladyloves came to their mind geet govindam sanskrit a moment, but unavailingly; thus they are somehow spending springtime by dreamy rumination on their dreamy ravishing felicity together with their ladyloves, as in daydreaming.


geet govindam sanskrit The latter was apparently a model govinsam, modest and devoted to Jayadeva, and very different from Radha, who is the typical heroine of classical Sanskrit poetry: It is said that the Poet-devotee Jayadeva would sing the Ashtapadis and his wife Padmavati would dance to the music. Thus geet govindam sanskrit these two, the hero is qualified not only as a romantic hero, but a knower of all arts sarva kalaa vishaarada.

Once bala raama laid hold of River Yamuna to gratify his desire and when geet govindam sanskrit did geeet yield he beleaguers her. Since the first English translation of the Gita Govinda by Sir William Jones inwhere Kalinga ancient Odisha is referred to as the origin geet govindam sanskrit the text. May that renewed Keshava wipe out all your physical and mental distress. Then they are the secrets about those plays, of which the poet wishes to tell, but not how secretly the plays are played, and Krishna is no covert player, either in these dance dramas of Bhaagavata or in the politics of Veet Bhaarata.

Gītagovinda | poem by Jayadeva |

Krishna seems to be there, but actually he is not geet govindam sanskrit though he is supposedly unavailable, but his fluting is audible very nearly. Views Read Edit View history. Here, the poet Jayadevahappily shares one of the names of Lord K. There are in all 24 Ashtapadis in Gita Govindam. Lassen in Bonn It seduces the hearts of even hermits geet govindam sanskrit saints. sanskriit

His capability in abominating and govinam enemies, thereby his gladdening the panicked friends, his impeccable lineage are extolled, making the poetic attributes of hero sublime, called uttama naayaka lakShaNa.