Manthra or Prathana Slogas for Early Marriages And Pregnancy: Manthra or Prathana Slogas for Early Marriages And Pregnancy: Om Devendhirani. Slokas of Garbarakshambigai: Garbarakshambigai sloka for Marriage and women to have child: Aum devendhiraani namosthubyam. Chanting the slokas during pregnancy would ensure safe delivery. Couples Who Want a Baby Shoul Read Mantra of Garbarakshambigai Chant the Mantra.

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Garbarakshambigai Slokas for Conceiving

Thanks and regards JB. Please can someone provide a Hindi translation for the sloka to be chanted by women who are pregnant to ensure a healthy baby and a safe pregnancy? The women to whom garbrakshambigai gave sarees and blouse bits, applied kumkum in my forehead and blessed whole heartedly.

I am telling that slogan without fail daily Devendharani …. I dont even remember how her face looks in the statue in temple but i have some strong feelings of devotion everytime i utter her name.

Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. I heard about Garbarakshambiga devi and pooja.

Garbarakshambigai Slokams, Stotrams, Mantras for Pregnant Women and For Conceiving

Now i am suffering bin polystic overy problem and irregular period. I also garbaraksahmbigai blessings from them. Dear Revathy I understand your worry and concern about becoming a mother. My parents has allowed me to do it and i always ask God to gift me with a wife who has same attitude as mewho enjoys helping and giving others as much as we can.

Read the below sloka for times everyday. The giver gives, but really he is sowing the seed for later: Currently we live in Qatar. Prabhaasa, Prabhavassyama, Prathyoosho maruth nala, Druvoo dhura dhuraschaivaVasavoshtou prakeerthitha, Pragrahnee thwam Balim cha imam, Nithyam raksha garbhineem. I wish to add another simpe sloka of Garbarakshambigai. Deep inside the same answer was repeating in my heart. Do send the details by mail. Hi we are trying to conceive from three years. If you would like to receive the prasadam from the temple then we perform the puja on your behalf and get you the prasadam.


Dearest Mam, i am married since 2. I stay in Dubai. So I wanted to pray the goddess for safe delivery and farbarakshambigai health of the child. Sharing the Slokas Chanting these slokas when you are trying to conceive has several physical and mental benefits. Please note that it is important that they are together for the 48 days of having garbarakshambigqi prasadam as in having sex for that duration.

I want to make impossible thing possible. The temple is situated in south india, Thanjavur,Papanasam talluka in a village called Thirukkarugavur. Hamavath yuthare Paarchve shuradhaa naama yakshini.

Please madam my parents are so worry about my sister situation. Hello, Please send me the details of this pooja and the Sloka to recite to have a healthy pregnancy. They helped me give sarees to good women near by along with flowers and kumkum. I waited in the hot sun like a “villager” looking at new york city opening mouth. Please help me MAM.

During the second month read the first two slokas times daily; During the third month read the first three slokas times daily; During the fourth month read the first four slokas times daily; During the fifth month read the first five slokas times daily; During the sixth month read the first six slokas times daily; During the seventh month read the first seven slokas times daily; During the eighth month read the gzrbarakshambigai eight slokas times daily; During the ninth month read all the nine slokas times daily; It is believed garbarakahambigai this would ensure safe delivery.

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We r ready to perform pooja but thing is i m highly allergic to milk products specially Ghee. Wloka experience is a testimony to the great faith you have in Amman and I pray that your faith is rewarded soon. After three months though my doctor has told she will. Thanks in bundle regards. I pray that you should be richly blessed when you help share these slokams. I hope that you are soon blessed with a 2nd child by the grace of Amman.

Anyway, its a part of kaliyug but i dont want to mingle with the crowd. I am trying to conceive for past 3 years with no success.

Garbarakshambigai Slokas for Conceiving

We want to get the ghee prasadam. We are currently in USA so it is not possible for us to visit the temple now. I pray that Amman soon answers your prayers and that you are blessed with a healthy happy and beautiful child.

I took the Ghee Prasadam twice already and chanted the mantra daily few years back. One little goat also was very excited to have biscuts.

Even if you find it hard to recite sloka please keep this in mind, being a mani really wonder why i like Goddess Garbarakshambigai so much. An giv mata ji blessing to me.

Garbarakshambiga Homa

I wish to conceive. Please let me know the procedure to consume ghee prasadam to get conviece. But I have checked those period is month of Chithrai and stars are not good.