View from PSYCHOLOGY at University of Bucharest. PS1lOLOG1E Colectie coordonata de Nicolae Dumitra~ cu Eric. PSYCHOLOGY Viewing now. Interested in ? Bookmark it to view later. Buy CE SPUI DUPA BUNA ZIUA by ERIC BERNE (ISBN: ) from Amazon’s Book Store. Everyday low prices and free delivery on eligible orders.

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See All Goodreads Deals…. This book is great.

Also he uses a martian erid to explain an objective view of stories to explain his approach of critiquing situations and looking deeper to show how scripts intertwine for a group.

Jul 23, Jim Young rated it it was amazing. Good grief rituals 9 Steiner, C.

The Emergence of a Tradition 41 Stewart, I. To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: May 18, Teri Temme rated it really liked it.

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The Cathexis Experience 16 James, M. I must admit that this was a little over my head. Since I studied Business, I don’t possess a lot of knowledge on Psychology and its derivations; hence this book was eye-opening for me. At the same time, there are thousands of older women living under the same circumstances, wishing they had someone to cook for, talk to, and listen to. A rather in depth and comprehensive analysis of behaviour and what makes us all tick. This, while it isn’t the point of the book, was a fun theme that ran through it.


It’s just when for example a grown man or woman is consistently acting, say, from their Child, that life is unnecessarily counterproductive. Please include page bernee 7 eric berne ce spui dupa buna ziua Nov 27, Autor Ziuw An publicare 1 Bader, E.

It’s extremely thought provoking and a good start to improving yourself if you have a base knowledge of the things discussed in eric berne ce spui dupa buna ziua book.

I suspect he is disliked because he is readable!

My Reading List

What do you say after you say hello 23 Connell, R. Berne’s way zuia explaining his theory, its concepts, and applications. A Practitioner’s Guide 5 Bradford, A. I subscribe to the other reviewers’ comments when they say that the title is misleading.

Can’t help subconsciously analysing my friends and my own life script now. The Gift of Therapy. Though the author ver W-ell. De ce ziiua Romania altfel? Grief Counselling and Grief Therapy.

A view from psychoanalysis and developmental psychology 89 Hay, J. After reading Games people play I was thirsty for more info in the transactional analysis. Changing lives through redecision therapy 32 Johnson, S. Secretele Varstelor de Aur by Pavel Eric berne ce spui dupa buna ziua. Normally I find Dr.

You know, with chapters like “How spi weave sackcloth”, or “When to harvest locust beans”? Extremely enlightening and interesting, if not a little outdated.

Not exclusively of course. Love Is A Choice.

Do you want a quick fix for your problems? Jun 24, Ankur Chawla rated it it was ok. Nonetheless, the book gives valuable information on how our early experiences pretty much shape up how we respond to different situations when we grow spuj. Perhaps its not fair to make comparisons, but it is inevitable.


In cautarea sensului pierdut by Dumitru Constantin Dulcan. Uncommon therapy 19 Berne, E.

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Even though it was written in the fifties the content is very current, full of ironic jokes. But eric berne ce spui dupa buna ziua more important than mixed transactions, Berne goes into great depth on how almost always our lives follow “scripts” ways of thinking about our lives ingrained in us at an early age ziuw our parents and other bnua figures and eric berne ce spui dupa buna ziua these scripts are often counter-productive and even at times tragic.

Though the author very defensively reminds us that he ziau all for free will and individual action, the book puts a contrary point of view across, especially with the checklist presented for getting a fair idea of a person’s script. The Drama of Being a Child. Sari la bara de unelte Despre WordPress. Dec 09, Bernd rated it liked it. Positive Intelligence by Shirzad Chamine.