Available online at CURCUMA CAESIA ROXB. AND IT’S MEDICINAL. USES: A REVIEW. Sonjit Das, ProdyutMondal and Md. Kamaruz Zaman*. PDF | On Apr 19, , Sonjit Das and others published CURCUMA CAESIA ROXB. AND IT’S MEDICINAL USES: A REVIEW. Black turmeric is known to have certain medicinal values. The curcumin content when I read certain papers, It was very low ~ %. Now I am wondering.

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Curcuma caesiablack turmeric or black zedoarya perennial herb with bluish-black rhizomes[2] is native to northeast India. The amount of protein was estimated from the standard calibration curve obtained using bovine serum albumin [ Figure 2 ]. The protective effect of ellagic acid. The samples were prepared in triplicate for each analysis and the mean value of absorbance was obtained.

A sensitive and reliable method for the detection of lipid peroxidation in biological tissues. Abraham P, Sugumar E. It is recognised as a medicinal herb to possess with various properties such as anti-fungal activity Banerjee and Nigam [16]smooth muscle relaxant and anti-asthmatic activity Arulmozhi et al.

The concentration of phenolics in plant extracts was determined using Folin Ciocalteau method [26] with little modifications. Aqueous extract of Iranian green tea prevents lipid peroxidation and chronic ethanol liver toxicity in rats.

Curcuma caesia

Antimutagenicity testing For the experiment with S9 mix, 0. Antioxidant and hepatoprotective activity of Cordia macleodii leaves. Antioxidant properties of phenolic compounds.

The emerging concepts of cancer is that the cancer cells are unstable and its unstability is brought about by the documentations of cascade of mutations caused cutcuma mutagens and suggested cesia mutagenesis drives out tumour progression [1].

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Further studies are needed to isolate the active principles present in it. Antioxidant determination by the use of stable free radicals. Screening plants for bioactive agents. Total phenolic content The total phenolic contents in the examined plant extracts using the Folin Cioclteu’s reagent is expressed in terms of gallic acid equivalent the standard curve: For the experiment with S9 mix, 0.

S9 preparation S9 is the curcima enzyme mix required for metabolic activation of indirect acting mutagens like cyclophosphamide. Stimulation of cyclophosphamide-induced pulmonary microsomal lipid peroxidation by oxygen. Significance of multiple mutations in cancer. Anti-clastogenic activity of Azadirachta indica against benzo a pyrene in murine forestomach tumorigenesis bioassay.

Trends and challenges in phytomedicine: Neuropharmacological assessment of Curcuma caesia Roxb. Views Read Edit View history. Pharmacognostic parameters for evaluation of the rhizomes of Curcuma caesia. Caesa Pushparani DeviShe is a Research Scholar in the Department of Biotechnology, Assam University Silchar and her interest is on medicinal plant studies like antioxidant activity, antimutagenic activity, antigenotoxic activity etc.

Antioxidant and antimutagenic activity of Curcuma caesia Roxb. rhizome extracts

Mutation cancer and aging. The present study suggested that the ckrcuma extract of C. In other projects Wikimedia Commons Wikispecies. Reactive oxygen intermediates like superoxides, hydrogen peroxides and hydroxyl radicals are known to mediate macromolecular damages by reacting with nucleic acids, proteins as well as various membrane components thus act as direct and indirect initiators of mutagenesis and carcinogenesis [35].

Protein estimation Protein concentration was estimated following. Melatonin and radioprotection from genetic damage: It has been hypothesised that bioantimutagens act as second stage inhibitors that blocks the mutagen before they could attack the DNA curcjma and bioantimutagenic effect of phytochemicals is determined in co incubation method [47]. In fact, the tested caaesia are the complex mixtures of several compounds, particularly phenolic compounds which have diverse chemical structures that determine various properties.

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Acknowledgement The authors thank Plant Biotechnology Lab, Department of Biotechnology, Assam University, Silchar for providing all the equipments for this research project. Roles of enzymatic and nonenzymatic antioxidants in plants during abiotic stress.

Curuma of the mutagenicity and teratogenicity of cyclophosphamide and its active metabolites, 4-hydroxycyclophosphamide, phosphoramide mustard, and acrolein.

World Cancer Report On the basis of this it has been hypothesised that the involvement of antioxidant might be considered as the safest approach in the prevention of process leading to mutagenesis. Levels of curcuka, glutathione reductase and glutathione S-transferase activities in rat lung and liver.

Standard calibration curve for serum glutamic oxaloacetic transaminase and serum glutamic pyruvic transaminase. Antioxidant activity applying an improved ABTS radical cation decolorization assay.

Volatile constituents of rhizome oil of Curcuma caesia Roxb. Dietary chemoprevention strategies for induction of phase II xenobiotic-metabolizing enzymes in lung carcinogenesis: J Adv Pharm Technol Res.

Cutcuma in randomised trials of antioxidant supplements for primary and secondary prevention. On the other hand, the highest inhibition This article needs additional citations for verification.