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But her mother remains unchanged.

Freezing air before it enters homes could stop 99 per cent of pollution scientist find. Everyone began praising the king for his kind act. You are commenting using your WordPress. From that day he began living happily his bad days were gone but on next Thursday he forgot to observe fast this displeased Brihaspati God. Know what the August 11 Solar Eclipse is bringing for you on the basis of your Zodiac.

This was something his Queen detested very much neither she observed fasts nor did she give a single paisa in charity. December 3, April 15, The king took out the gram pulses and began narrating the story he hardly narrated half the story and the dead men began showing signs of life and by the time the story completed the dead man regained his life and stood up uttering the name of Lord Rama. I was observing fast in the worship of Brihaspati God.

Face towards east direction while praying. One day her daughter became very angry with her she locked her in a room next day she forced her to take bath and offer worships and thus set right.

Brihaspati Vrat Vidhi

Then the queen narrated the whole sequence of happenings. Hearing this one of the maids went inside to check and found a pitcher full of grains in a corner. Yellow is the color of the day.


It is a story of ancient times — There was a king who was very powerful and munificent he use to observe fast on every Thursday and offer worships. On the day of fast, a person should wake up before sunrise vvrat after completing the routine works like bathing etc.

With the kind blessings of Brihaspati God they began prospering once again.

Brihaspativar Vrat Katha : बृहस्पतिवार व्रत कथा

The Brahmin went back home and returned to his daughter along with his wife. But as soon as the girl left home to go to her in-law house the Brahmin became poor again.

This site uses cookies. Brihaspati is also the Lord of education, hence Jupiter should be worshipped regularly and offered water.

Bhraspatiji ki Aarti, बृहस्पति जी की आरती

Next day was a Thursday, the girl was observing fast she prayed to Brihaspati God for a golden winnow basket, Brihaspati God decided to respond to her prayer the girl like other days, went to school scattering grains of barley in the way, while on her way back she not only found the grains of barley transformed into gold but she also found a golden winnow basket in the way.

On the other side the kata, in a foreign land, was leading a very sad life; he would bring firewood from aktha forest every day and manage his living with great difficulty by selling it in the market of the town.

The queen O Lord Brihaspati God has given us everything he will bless us with a child also. But the queen again became very lethargic like she was before. bbrihaspati


They worshipped Lord Vishnu, Brihasoati from where to get meals prepared with yellow materials? And even ignoring Brihaspati God loses his peace of mind and all his happiness, so everyone should make sure to take Prasad after listening to the sacred stories and then depart.

With the kind blessings of Brihaspati God they began prospering once again. The fast bribaspati Thursday is also observed for strengthening the financial condition of a person and increase his health.

Brihaspati Vrat Vidhi – Thursday Fast Vidhi, How to do Thursday Fast

According to the hindu astrology Bhraspati is the name for the planet Jupiter, which is one of the Navagraha the nine planets. Close your eyes and pray for what to you want.

Now you should give food to the starving, arrange water karha thirsty travelers, make charities to the Brahmins arrange construction of wells ponds tanks of water temples and schools for imparting knowledge arrange marriages of unmarried girls.

Reflections on Jeremiah It includes yellow grams like yellow split Moong Daal without skin, or yellow Chanaa Daal without skin.