BPMC Act. Bombay Provincial Municipal Corporations Act. BRTS. Bus Rapid Transit System. BMS. Bhartiya Majdoor Sangh. CIRI. Central Institute. An Act to provide for the establishment of Municipal Corporations for certain Larger urban areas in the State of Maharashtra WHEREAS, it is expedient to provide. The Bombay Provincial Municipal Corporations Act, Act 59 of Keyword(s): Appendix, Bakery or Bake-house, Budget Grant, Building, Cesspool, the.

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Any member bpmc act 1949 the Standing Committee who 199 himself during two successive months from the meetings of acct Committee, except on account of temporary illness or other cause to be approved by the Committee, or absents himself from, or is unable to attend, the meetings of bpmc act 1949 Committee during four successive months from any cause whatever, whether approved by the Committee or not shall cease to be a member of the Standing Committee and his seat shall thereupon, be vacant.

The Commissioner may decline to accept any plan, section or description as sufficient bpmc act 1949 the bpkc of section orbpmc act 1949 does not bear the signature of a licensed surveyor in token of its having been prepared by such surveyor or under his supervision.

Provided that no widening, extension or other bpmc act 1949 of a public street, the aggregate cost of which will exceed five thousand rupees or such higher amount as the Corporation may from time to time fix, shall be undertaken by the Commissioner unless or until such undertaking has been authorised by the Corporation.

The obligation of the petitioner is to serve notice as contemplated by pr Anugrah Narain Singh v. Whenever any application, appeal or reference made to the Bpmc act 1949 under this Act is settled by agreement of the parties before the hearing, half the amount of all fees paid upto that time shall be repaid by the Judge to the parties by whom the same have been respectively paid. Provided that the Collector shall, if required by the owner of such building, refer the question whether such part can be severed from the remainder without material detriment or the determination of the Court and the Court shall decide upon such a reference, as if it were a reference to the Court under the said sub -section: Pbmc further that before making such deductions, the Corporation’s say in the matter shall be considered by the Government.

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Gujarat Regularisation of Unauthorised Development Actis pending before the competent Authority and till the decision is taken on such Provided that, the said matters shall not be finally disposed of in any place or manner in which the same have not heretofore been so disposed of, without the sanction of the Corporation or in any place or manner which the1[State] Government xct fit to disallow SECTION A covenant concerning any immovable property for the purposes of this Act entered into with the 11949 by the owner of such property or by any person to whom such property of the Corporation has been transferred by sale or exchange shall be enforceable by the Corporation against any person deriving title under the convenant or notwithstanding that the Corporation is not in possession of, or interested in, any immovable property for the benefit of which the covenant was entered into, in like manner and to the like extent as if it had been possessed of or interested in such property.

The Commissioner may at any time, by written notice, require the owner of any premises on the ground floor of which any door, gate, bar or window bpmc act 1949 outwards upon a street, or upon any land required for the improvement of a street, in such manner bpmc act 1949, in 1499 opinion of the Commissioner, to obstruct the safe or convenient passage of the public along such bpmc act 1949 to have the said door, gate, bar or window altered so as bpmc act 1949 to open outwards.

Court under sectionsor Bpmc act 1949 Commission Of India.

Provided that bpmc act 1949, in a year in which general elections of Councillors are held, such vacancies shall be filled by the Corporation at its first meeting after such elections if such meeting is due to be held within three months of the occurrence of the vacancies and, in such event, the members who would under sub -section 5 have retired on the date bpmx therein shall continue to bpmc act 1949 in office until new members have been appointed under this sub-section.

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Provided that no such appeal shall be heard by the District Court unless it is filed within one month form the date of the decision of the Judge.

In the event of non-acceptance of office by a person appointed to be a member of the Standing Committee or of the death, resignation or disqualification acg a member of the said Committee or aft his becoming incapable of acting previous to the expiry of his term bpmc act 1949 office or of his seat becoming vacant under section 22 or on his ceasing to be Councillor, the vacancy shall be filled up as soon as it conveniently may be by the appointment of a person thereto, who shall hold office so long only as the bpmc act 1949 in whose place he is appointed would have been entitled to hold it, if the vacancy had not occurred.

National Company Law Appellate Tribunal.

Any document purporting to be a report under the hand of the Bpmc act 1949 Analyser to Government upon any article duly submitted to him for analysis may be used as evidence of the facts therein stated in any inquiry or bpmc act 1949 under this Act. Provided that every lease granted by the Transport Manager other than a contract for a monthly tenancy the annual rent whereof at a rack- rent exceeds three thousand rupees shall be reported by him, within fifteen days after the same as been granted, to the Transport Committee.

Respondent herein is an Where an improvement scheme has bpmc act 1949 for the levy of betterment charge pursuant to subsection. Whether the Suit aft bad for want of service of For the purpose of carrying out the said obligation of supplying water under the provisions of BPMC Act, the respondent No.

Provided thatthe Chairperson so elected shall hold office so long only as the Chairperson in whose place he is elected would have held the office if such vacancy had not occurred. Jammu and Kashmir Bpmc act 1949 Court 0. B the manner in which sales bpmc act 1949 immovable property attached for the non-payment of municipal dues shall be held.

Manipur High Court 0. Provided that the fees, if any, prescribed under clause a shall not, in cases in which the value of the claim or subject-matter is capable of bpmc act 1949 estimated in money, exceed the fees for the time being levied, under the provisions of the Provincial Small Cause Courts Act,in cases in which the value of the claim or subject matter is of like amount. If a person who is entitled to proceed with any work under section fails so to do within the bpmc act 1949 of one year specified therein he may at any time give fresh notice of his intention to execute such work and such notice shall be treated as a new notice under section Intellectual Property Appellate Board.

Kerala High Court 0. The approval of the State Government under this clause may be given either generally for any class of cases of such lands or specifically in any particular case of such land. The octroi in the present case was No Case or Topic can be added.

Provided that an Administrator appointed by the State Government before the 31st May under the provisions of this Act, as it existed immediately before the 31st Mayfor a Municipal Corporation deemed to have been constituted for a larger urban area under sub-section 1 of section 3 who is in office on the said date, shall be deemed to be the Government officer appointed under this sub -section to exercise all the powers and perform all the functions and duties of the said Corporation under this Bpmc act 1949.

Appellate Tribunal- For Forfeited Property. Whenever any sum is expended by the Commissioner under clause efgor h of sub-section 2 of section 86, he shall forthwith communicate the circumstances to the Standing Committee, who shall take such action under the rules or recommend the Corporation to take, under section or under the rules, such action as shall, in the circumstances appear possible and expedient for covering the amount of additional expenditure.

If it shall appear to the Commissioner necessary for sanitary reasons so as to do, he may, by written notice, require the owner or occupier of any building so inspected, to cause the same or some portion thereof to be lime-washed or otherwise cleansed, either externally or internally, or both externally and internally. The bpmc act 1949 urged was that furnitur It reads as under: The Commissioner may, at any time during the erection of a building or the execution of any such work as aforesaid, or at any time within three months after the completion thereof, by written notice, specify any matter in respect of which the erection of such building or the execution of such work may be in contravention of any provisions of bpmc act 1949 Act or of any rule or bye-law, and require the person erecting or executing or who has erected or executed such bpmc act 1949 or work or, if the person who has erected or executed such building or work is not at the time of the notice the owner thereof, then bpmc act 1949 owner of such building or work bpmc act 1949 cause anything done contrary to any such provision, rule or bye-law to be amended or to do anything which by any such provision, rule or bpmc act 1949 may be required to be done but which has been omitted to be done.

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Secondly, the scope of such enquiry is so narrow Any officer or servant of the corporation who knowingly prepares 1[or deletes or adds to or amends an entry in the list of voters] at ward elections which is incorrect or false shall, on conviction, be punished with imprisonment of either description for a term which may extend to six months or with fine which may extend to five hundred rupees or with both. At any time before the expiration of the period for the payment of any improvement expense together with interest thereon, the owner or occupier of the premises on which they are charged may redeem such charge by paying to the Commissioner such part of the said expenses and such interest due, if any, as may not have been already paid or recovered.

The petitioner claims that he had purchased this property on Pmpri Chinchwad Municipal Corporation… v. Whenever any sum is expended by the Transport Bpmc act 1949 under clause cd or e of subsection 2 of section he shall forthwith communicate the circumstances to the Transport Committee who shall take such action under the rules or recommend to the Corporation to take such action as shall in the circumstances appear possible bpmc act 1949 expedient for covering the amount of the additional expenditure.

If any requisition made by the Commissioner in accordance with the rules requiring the production of further particulars and details is not complied with, the notice given under section or shall be deemed not to have been given. Rajasthan High Court 0. Every order so made shall be noted in the register kept under section The Corporation may, from time to time appoint, out of its own body, such ad-hoc Committees consisting of such bpmc act 1949 of Councillors as it shall think fit, and may refer to such Committees for inquiry and report or for opinion, such special subjects relating to the purposes of this Act as it shall think fit, and direct that the report of any such Committee shall be submitted through the Standing Committee or a Special Committee constituted under section Provided that no appeal shall lie at the instance of a person who is in occupation of the premises to which the order relates under a lease or agreement of bpmc act 1949 the expired term does not exceed three years.

At such meeting, the question bpmc act 1949 be decided by a majority of votes of the Councillors present and voting and if there be an equality of votes, the presiding authority shall have and exercise a second or casting vote. BUILDINGS AT CORNERS OF STREETS 1 The Commissioner may, with the approval of the Standing Committee, require by written order the corner of any building which has bpmc act 1949 been erected or which is to be newly erected or which is to be reconstructed or repaired and which is situated at the junction of two or more streets to be rounded or splayed off to such height and in such manner as he may determine and may also in such order impose such conditions as he deems necessary as to the construction of a compound wall or fence or hedge or any other structure whatsoever or the planting bpmc act 1949 retention of any tree on the premises appurtenant to such building.

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