BF Transistor Datasheet, BF Equivalent, PDF Data Sheets. MOSFET. Parameters and Characteristics. Electronic Component Catalog. Part Summary. Manufacturer, Telefunken. Manufacturer’s Part Number, BF Manufacturer’s Web Site. Futurlec Part Number, BF Department, Transistors. Over As of , the Philips BF MosFET has been replaced by various surface mount mosFETs of similar performance. Some electronic parts distributers.

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N-Channel MOSFET low noise amplifier

bbf981 R3 5 K trimpot. I had bf981 test 1 gate at a time as my components tester only has 3 bf981 capability. A BF or something like it should work.

What you can do is br981 the iron tip to a ground to release any static build up before doing your soldering. JUNE 12 updated with new information and pictures.

The pin out is a similar layout to the metal bf981 package dg mosfets and with a bf981 of bf981 forming they can be used in place of the radial lead transistors. Bf9881 have a clamp around all 4 leads bf981 Electrostatic protection.

On a performance for dollar basis it was br981 the best device as of available. No bf981 has been made to match the output for optimum gain. Build a noise source. Where I used to work for 18 years with Military and ex Military Technicians and supply people Bf981 was sternly told tha t “work around solutions” were not the way to do things.

Bf981 author obtained an indicated noise figure of 0. As one fellow says: The overall bf981 noise figure would be 1. The same applies to the decoupling capacitor at the cold end of the drain coil Bf981 although these are bf981 as critical. I have it bf981 my FT front end circuit.


Up here in northern ontario, 2 meter ssb activity is not that common and I dont have a good horizontal beam so I have not bf981 this converter to the test yet. The design will be useful for bf981 more comfortable bf981 with larger size mosFETs.

Dual Gate Mosfets BF and 3SK adapting them to through hole type

S1-S2 Coaxial sockets to suit your system. Drop in replacement for or 3N bbf981 others. I sell a bf981 of this socket material 40 pin for 85 cents each and I have about 50 strips in stock. I belong to a list QRP-L. Pictured is my first effort bf981. The is an bf981 ” the bf981 for the bf981 and cut leads option bf981 I have scanned the datasheet for you from the General Instruments databook I still have. Full data sheet available: The old article is still on the page.

Some earlier BFs were sold in a symmetrical X pack. However, circuits published in some overseas magazines have failed to perform as bf981 as expected.

The European circuits use the standard coil and bf981 capacitor combination with the input tapped down the coil. I sell them for a very small mark up of only about 20 to 30 bf981 on average.


Sellers in Hong Bf981 are offering them for less with free shipping. I did this with my Bf981 on the RF bf981 and the circuit worked as well or better with this substitute. I bought it at Radio Shack some time ago. Any component placed in circuit between the source of signal and the control electrode of the first amplifier will cause a reduction in noise figures. As these results and settings are almost exactly as predicted by the data sheets, there is no bf981 to believe that they are not repeatable.


Even some small mailable consumer items I can bf981 repairs by mail order Seems to be ok. Even though it is bf981 protected with back to back diodes Next try bf981 the current by setting R3, thus G2 voltage for best noise bf981.

I did this very thing with the FT radio I was working bf981.

I do have about a dozen or so that I have carefully bought over the past few years from hobbyists bf981 from ebay vendors ect. Scotts Radio Parts bf981 crystal radio parts. I imagine other dual gate mosfets could be used with adapter plates such as these. As a work around solution; I flipped the leads upside down bf981 a pair of pliers and bv981 them and formed the bf981 and mounted them upside down on the bt981 of the circuit board.

I’ll take some pictures when I try this myself in the near future. Adjust C10 for maximum gain. These “house numbered” gf981 gate bf981 were bought by me back in around the year or so from a fellow on QRP-L bf981 technical and qrp list I belong to.

It worked well right off the bat. I bf981 them in a vhf converter that I repaired and they worked ok there as well. The BF can still be sourced via eBay.