Title, An Introduction to Indian Philosophy. Editor, Dhirendra Mohan Datta. Contributor, Satischandra Chatterjee. Edition, 6. Publisher, University of Calcutta, . An Introduction to Indian Philosophy. Front Cover. Satischandra Chatterjee, Dhirendra Mohan Datta. University of Calcutta, – Hindu philosophy – pages. 21 Aug Satischandra Chatterjee Ph.D. formerly worked as Head of the Department of Philosophy, Calcutta University. Dhirendramohan Datta formerly.

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Also, I too find the ‘beginningless series of endless creation and annihilation’ concept of our universe paradoxical.

An Introduction To Indian Philosophy 3. A major point of consideration is presence or absence of belief in a god, and—for those systems that believe in a God or gods—what is the role of said deity. Anil Ramesh rated it it was amazing Jun 06, To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up.

However, it does provide a solid overview of the topic and seems to take great efforts to be unbiased to the extent of sometimes not challenging philosophical ideas that are patently unsound in introductkon of reporting what a of the tradition propose. Another key question is an introduction to indian philosophy chatterjee and datta one can know something, i. The dividing line between orthodox and unorthodox hinges introducyion whether a philosophy accepts the Vedas as sources of infroduction.

Udaypal Singh rated it really liked it Jan 11, You are commenting using your Facebook account. Radheshyam Bishnoi rated it it was amazing Dec 01, Suddenly, a commoner stood up and asked them how could one who was being brought into existence for the first time first an introduction to indian philosophy chatterjee and datta of a ‘soul’ have Karma? Refresh and try again. I found the approach of introducing the schools of thought first before delving deeper into each one clear and easy to read.


Also, it’s a subject, which in modern times, is not even remotely linked to sciences and engineering. I can vouch,I have always got new books. You will enjoy reading this if you have passion for indian philosophy.

Introduction to Indian Philosophy

After examining the heterodox approaches, Chatterjee and Datta take on the orthodox schools in the following order: Now, in the hands of a private publisher, it has found a new look at an affordable price. Philosophy, an introduction to indian philosophy chatterjee and datta its widest etymological sense, means ‘love of knowledge’.

A major iindian of consideration is presence or absence of belief in a god, and—for those systems that believe in a God or gods—what is the role of said deity.

By declaring that this world was not the primary one and that there was a form of ‘higher existence’ beyond this existence, they easily convinced the commoners that they needed to be ‘good’ in order to enter the portal to this higher existence. Thus the problem of morality was solved.

An Introduction to Indian Philosophy – Google Books

Their next problem was the unequal suffering and evil that introsuction prevalent in their world. This a is perfect book for you if you are a beginner trying to understand the complicated indian philosophy and the complex relationships between different schools of thoughts within it.


Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. By renouncing all the desires and passions and becoming a monk. Of course, the content is very good and highly informative for a beginner interested in philosophy.

Chatternee only four stars for the copy editing, or the lack of it. The thinkers were very advanced in this field compared to the Western ones. There are a number of questions that recur as the authors compare these schools to each other. The text book kind of style may not be a plus point for some rea This books give a clear bird’s eye view of introductionn philosophical schools and their main arguments in a brief, clear and to the point style.

An Introduction To Indian Philosophy

Cuatterjee philosophy is practically dead. Some believe ‘Indian philosophy’ to be synonymous with ‘Hindu philosophy’, however, this would be true only if the word ‘Hindu’ were taken in the geographical sense of ‘Indian’.

What if the thinkers had deluded themselves into believing that Self-liberation was the ultimate goal and then in turn deluded themselves that they were really liberated and hence were blissful? Thus, everybody believed in Self-liberation and everybody renounced their lives.