Reported by ACI Committee Nicholas J. Carino Pl. Standard Specification ACI is intended to be used by . in ACI R, “Cold Weather Concreting. The following are highlights of requirements of APWA 30 04 – 10 and ACI R Standards concerning placement of concrete in cold weather conditions . 14 Jan ACI Section states, “Take advantage of the opportunity provided by cold weather to place low temperature concrete,” then goes on.

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Assuming that if the first few trucks aci 306r temperatures within the specified limits, then the remainder of trucks should be acceptable, is not a good assumption and increases the risk of a possible failure.

Time is aci 306r to test and practice with different temperatures and dosages and to adjust the cocktail of admixtures that form the basis of high-performance concrete today. Thermometers are available with a probe on one end aci 306r can be tucked under a blanket or in the concrete form.

Published in the fall ofthe ACI R publication includes new equipment and tactics, based on updated field experience and new technologies introduced since 306 edition.

Hydronic system heat transfer fluids are times denser than and offer more than 6 times the specific heat of air. As cold joints are more prevalent when the concrete sets faster, consider the addition of preformed construction joints within aci 306r slab, even when the slab is scheduled to be aci 306r in a single day.

The temperature of the concrete must be monitored closely.

Efficient Hydronic Heat Chapter 9 covering the equipment used for concrete protection contains some of the most significant changes. Concrete placed during aci 306r weather will develop sufficient strength and aci 306r to satisfy intended service requirements when it is properly produced, placed, and protected. Sep, By Cawsie Jijina, P.

Unfortunately, additional water also reduces the concrete strength, increases shrinkage, and causes aci 306r cracking. Slabs that are not properly cured can exhibit significant cracking.

Guide aaci Cold Weather Concreting: It is important acii field personnel to ensure that cold joints do not form during concrete placement, as they can cause significant structural problems with the introduction of shear failure planes between the layers of concrete. The revised specification advises against extreme temperature swings when placing concrete in cold weather. With proper 30r6 and execution, quality concrete can be placed under almost any inclement weather conditions.


The next time you pour concrete in cold weather, protect it with efficient and easy-to-use hydronic heaters from Wacker Neuson Climate Technology. The newer definition requires cold weather concrete procedures to be enforced more often.

Length of protection period for concrete placed during cold weather. As with all rules, there are always exceptions. During cold aci 306r hot weather days, the maximum-minimum thermometer aci 306r be used to monitor the temperature of the aci 306r box.

Hydronic Heat Now in ACI Specification | Wacker Neuson

Accelerating aci 306r should be properly dosed based on ambient temperatures and should be adjusted throughout the concrete placement if needed. Mass concreting during aci 306r weather can be extremely challenging and is the scope of a future article.

Traffic aci 306r, plant conditions, distance from plant to site, and finishes required all play a part in the determination of the correct concrete for a given structural element. Choose Product Language English. Maintaining the required concrete temperatures during hot weather periods can be done many ways without reducing the concrete strength.


While temperatures typically rise as the day goes on, other external factors can reduce concrete temperatures. For more in-depth discussions of any of the items addressed in this article, these reports aci 306r detailed information on the topics.

Hydronic Heat Now in ACI 306 Specification

The result can be problems for workability and cold joints. It is common for the accelerating admixture dosage to vary aci 306r on the ambient temperature and other factors. For a listing of and access to all product errata, visit the Errata page. More exotic methods include the introduction of a network aci 306r pipes that control the internal temperature of concrete by the flow of temperature-controlled water through this network.

The most common methods include:. A simple way to monitor these aci 306r changes is by using a calibrated maximum-minimum thermometer.

Special concrete mixes, as required, need to be submitted for approval at the beginning of a project. In Building Blocks Comments 0. Aci 306r placement, during the protection period, the concrete temperature must again aci 306r verified to ensure that the concrete remains at the minimum required temperatures. If the tester finds trucks beyond the range of the specifications, the plant needs to be informed immediately.


Similarly, a plant may reduce the amount of accelerator in the concrete later in the day which can also reduce the concrete temperatures. Unlike Cold Weather concrete, aci 306r ACI Code does not provide specific temperature requirements for when hot weather concrete criteria apply.

When Cold Applies Tarping to protect rebar prior to cold weather aci 306r. Any applicable addenda or errata are included with individual documents at the time of purchase. Proper curing is extremely important to reduce cracking. Depending on the ambient temperatures, only some or all of these methods are utilized. This cracking is more pronounced on slabs that are restrained on the ends, such as a ground floor slab restrained by the foundation walls.

Because of aci 306r combustion by-products generated by direct fired heaters, they are not suitable for cold-weather concreting applications without first protecting the concrete. Errata are not included for collections or sets of documents such as the ACI Collection. For a listing of and aci 306r to all product addenda and errata, visit the Addenda and Errata page. For example, when trucks start backing up due to a broken pump or for any other valid reason, sending one or two trucks away from the site may mean that the next dozen trucks stay within specifications.

R Guide to Cold Weather Concreting

Freeze resistant concrete is concrete that utilizes an accelerating admixture that allows for lower concrete temperatures at aci 306r time of placement. At that point, everything becomes a rush. High-performance concrete is very dependent on the source of the aggregate, its gradation, and continued availability. A member aci 306r the construction aci 306r needs to be constantly monitoring the concrete trucks and keeping an eye on things.

In addition to monitoring temperatures, the monitoring must include oversite to ensure that cold joints do not form.