CONTENTS. Introduction PART 1: A NEW CHRIST by Wallace Wattles. Chapter 1 – His Personality Chapter 2 – His Attitude Chapter 3 – His Teachings About Man. Introduction 5. PART 1: A NEW CHRIST by Wallace Wattles Chapter 1 – His Personality Chapter 2 – His Attitude Chapter 3 – His Teachings About Man Wallace Wattles, This times I’ve decided to talk about a great book, yet still widely unknown: A New Christ.

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Let not your heart be troubled; neither let it be afraid. Qubist rated it really liked it Oct 27, I know no prouder titles, when justly acquired, than these: The Prayer of Faith.

Each one of us has something of that high purpose, walllace urge to unselfish achievement, which we can lift to God for dedication. He studied the writings of Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel and Ralph Waldo Emerson and recommended the study of their books to his readers who wished to understand what he characterized as “the monistic theory of the cosmos”.

The principal care of the shepherds was that the flock should be so doctrinally correct that they would never, never consent to be sheared by the opposing party. Home Contact Us Help Free delivery worldwide.

None of us likes to be pushed around. Walters, 27, and Agnes Walters, No one who studies carefully the teachings of Jesus can doubt that by the phrases, “Kingdom of Heaven” and “Kingdom of God,” He meant such a righteous adjustment of wzllace relations as would have revolutionized the Society of His day; or which, if applied in our time, would revolutionize the society of this day.

Wallace D. Wattles – A new Christ

In the first place, then, Jesus could not have been despised because He was a carpenter, or the reputed son of a carpenter. One is here greater than the temple, greater than the Sabbath, greater than the system, greater than cgrist institution, greater than the Church or State.

Into this maze of oppression, taxation, murder, outrage and theological discussion comes the grand figure of the Christ, saying: It is only when you conceive of yourself as separate from this power that you begin to have doubts as to your ability to do things; it is only as you hold this separate consciousness that you can be afraid.


A good tree cannot bring forth corrupt fruit. He was a rough, wild looking man, with uncombed hair and beard, clad only in a shirt and overalls, his face and bare arms black with coal.

Develop Good Habits Boo Looking chrisy beautiful books? And He said, “W hoso receiveth one such little child, receiveth me. History of Christian Doctrines Louis Berkhof. Thought Vibration William Walker Atkinson. The answer is that we are not puppets.

A New Christ : Wallace D Wattles :

Your recently viewed items and featured recommendations. Then sin, disease and poverty are untruths; that is, they are wrong ways of living.

True, He owned no real estate; but He dressed expensively, and never lacked for money. The Complete Wallace D. I am a man!

We read in the Talmud of Rabbi Johanan, the blacksmith, and of Rabbi Isaac, the shoemaker, learned and highly honored men. W ho can doubt what the economic attitude of Jesus the carpenter agitator of Nazareth would be were he alive today!

And the power to think independently implies the possibility of thinking erroneously; if man separates himself chrixt consciousness from God, he is sure to fall into error, for he can see only an infinitesimal portion of the truth. He made it perfectly plain that it was because of this unity of mind with the Father – which we call cosmic consciousness – that the Father could work through Him.

W, will to do the will of God, and then 2 pray that you may be one with Him; and then 3 affirm, “I nes my father are one. This website uses cookies to improve your experience. And the feeble voice piped bravely, while the parched lips writhed in a pitiful attempt to smile: Don’t have a Kindle? I will quote you a few more passages on this point; “He that sent me is true, whom ye know not; but I know him” John 7: No God but One: Eattles all have at least a spark of Divine fire within us.

Obviously, the standard by which we weigh our answers to such questions is the standard of unselfishness. So, the general affirmation of unity with God is not sufficiently definite to bring us health, peace, power and wealth; we do not clearly understand that these are included, and it is better to affirm them.


This book will change your life. The World and the Kingdom. Motivated by a wwllace of building a new world, we have no time for indulging in negative thoughts and emotions. Second, He could not have been despised for His ignorance, for He was a very learned man.

Wallace Wattles

We are educating our children by uniting our effort. He must have been letter-perfect in the books of the Jewish law, for He was always able to rout His adversaries by making apt quotations from their own books.

Humility—true humility—not only brings us to the place where God’s help can enter our lives, it insures us of His repeated help, and we cannot ask too often. Wal,ace is the only reason God chrish possibly have for giving authority to any man; if there is a man anywhere today upon whom the divine sanction rests, it is not because he is a Pharisee, a Methodist, Presbyterian, Republican or Democrat, but because he is a MAN.

A New Christ by Wallace Wattles & Henry Drummond

He is always shown to us surrounded by prettily dressed women, who are bringing nice clean babies for Him to love and bless; and it looks very easy for one to humble himself as one of those. I say that this is the only reason God ever had for giving authority to any man, and I say that if there is a man anywhere today upon whom the divine sanction rests it is not because he is a Pharisee or a Saducee, a Methodist, Presbyterian, Republican or Democrat, but because he is a man.

But in their several personalities, their outward expression, they were as different as snowflakes, no two of which are wattlex alike.